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The GSF Foundation Goes Mobile

During this year’s annual Associate Campaign, the GSF Foundation officially launched their own mobile App.

The GSF Foundation App allows users to receive real-time updates about Foundation activities directly on their phone without needing access to a computer.

The GSF Foundation is comprised of 28 local committees, and the GSF Foundation App will allow those committees to easily access and reference information about the Foundation at events, share images and video and easily post to the Foundation’s Facebook page.

The App also offers additional features, such as Foundation information at-a-glance, updated impact statistics, Heartline newsletters, event calendar, and the option to donate via mobile device.

The GSF Foundation App is free of charge, and available in both the Apple and Google App Store under “GSF Foundation.”

Download Instructions: 

  1. Go to the Apple or Google Play App Store and search for GSF Foundation.

  2. Click on the FREE button, then click INSTALL.  

  3. Once installed, click on the GSF Foundation App.

  4. Non-associates should log in as “public” and will not be required to enter a login or password. 

  5. Now you can start using your iPhone/Android version of the GSF Foundation Mobile App!

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