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Officers and  Directors

Corporate Officers

Board of Directors

Brian Dick_DS1.jpg

Brian Dick

President and Chief Executive Officer

John Page_DS1.jpg

John Page

Corporate Executive Vice President and

Chief Administrative Officer

Carol Fawcett_DS1.jpg

Carol Fawcett

Corporate Vice President,
Chief Information Officer

Stephen Wetterau_DS1.jpg

Stephen Wetterau

Corporate Senior Vice President, Strategy, Technology and Innovation

Ted Koester_DS1.jpg

Ted Koester

Senior Purchasing Director, Conyers

Shellie Frey_DS1.jpg

Shellie Frey

Vice President and Chief Branding and Communications Officer

Bill Pocilujlko_DS1.jpg

Bill Pocilujko

Corporate Central Procurement Manager

Dr Wayne Morgan_DS1.jpg

Dr. Wayne Morgan

Corporate Vice President and President, Protein Products and Operations Support Services

Nate Murphy GSFF Board_1.png

Nate Murphy

Group Vice President Operations,

Protein Products

Pete DelGiorno_DS1.jpg

Pete DelGiorno

General Manager,
Quality Custom Distribution, Suffolk 

Gregg Tarlton_DS1 copy.jpg

Gregg Tarlton

Senior Regional Director,
Quality Custom Distribution

Lisa Gottlieb_DS1.jpg

Lisa Gottlieb

Corporate Treasurer

Ryan Hammer_DS1.jpg

Ryan Hammer

Corporate Senior Vice President and President, Quality Custom Distribution

John Page_DS1.jpg

John Page


GSF Foundation

Vanessa Hugon_DS1.jpg

Vanessa Hugon

Assistant Secretary,
GSF Foundation

Tess_McAnena GSFF.jpg

Tess McAnena

Executive Director,
GSF Foundation

Lisa Gottlieb_DS1.jpg

Lisa Gottlieb

Chief Financial Officer,

GSF Foundation

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