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Back(pack) to School


The Back(pack) to School program provides first grade students with a backpack full of essential supplies, so children in need can start the school year prepared to learn, participating in class and completing their homework. For many children and families, backpacks and school supplies are simply not affordable purchases. The GSF Foundation believes that every child deserves to begin their academic career with the tools necessary to become an engaged and successful student. 


Partner Schools 

A relationship with our partner schools throughout the community is absolutely essential to the Back(pack) to School program. Partnering with many of the same schools from the Foundation’s Best Foot Forward program helps at-risk children in more ways than just one. Each year, administrators and educators from these schools help to select which children are eligible to receive assistance through the Back(pack) to School program, based upon individual circumstances and financial need. 


National Partnerships 

GSF Foundation and Kits for Kidz have partnered to grow the impact of the Back(pack) to School program. The support of this partnership ensures that children begin the school year with everything they need to have a successful educational experience.



Providing school supplies to children in need helps alleviate the financial strain of their families. Your contribution can help make a significant impact on a child’s education and their future.

We Need Your Support Today!

Your contribution can help the GSF Foundation provide food, shoes and other necessities of life for at-risk children and families who would otherwise go without. 

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