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GSF Foundation Holds Regional Trainings for Foundation Chairs

The GSF Foundation held three regional training events in the month of June where volunteer GSF Foundation Chairs from 27 GSF, QCD and KanPak facilities participated in two-day trainings at Chicago (for Central local chairs), CID (for Western local chairs) and Conyers (for Eastern local chairs). The Foundation leaders took part in interactive sessions on servant leadership, succession planning, fundraising, project management and grant making. They also engaged in an emotional intelligence and communications workshop and in a case study about the future direction of the Foundation. “Our intention with these trainings was to provide tools for our chairs to increase self-awareness as well as focus on managing relationships, skills that we hope they can draw on as Foundation leaders, GSF Associates, individuals and members of their local communities,” said Anna Lisa Lukes, GSF CSR Director and Executive Director, GSF Foundation.

An important topic of discussion at the trainings was the evolution of the Foundation and the three-year strategic planning that the national GSFF Board of Directors is undergoing in 2017. The Chairs worked in groups to present on two case studies addressing the Foundation’s programs, engagement strategies and impact. Gus Golembiewski (Whitewater GM), Jay Lee (McCook GM), Luis Porto (QCD Miami Facility Manager) participated as trainers and local chairs Cathlyn Baris (Lexington), Mark Gonzales (Phoenix), Connie Shire (KanPak KS), Joni Smith (Conyers), Nate Travis (Whitewater) and Leeca Waggener (Portland) served as Chairs of the Day. Special thanks to Herb Callahan (Sr. Director, Human Resources McDonald’s Distribution) for his assistance with content creation.

Thank you to all of the GSF Foundation Chairs who volunteered their time to attend this important training and to our facility leaders for their support! See pictures of the trainings here.

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