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GSF Foundation Donates 1,300 Bikes during National Bike Month

The GSF Foundation hosted the fourth annual national bike building program event on Saturday, May 14. This year, 26 GSF and Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) facilities participated in 16 events throughout the United States during National Bike Month. More than 1,300 bikes were built with the help of more than 1,000 volunteers, all driven by a common purpose to provide deserving school-aged children with their own, and often first, bikes. Now in its fourth year, the GSF Foundation national bike building program has donated 4,700 bikes to children in need.  These students come from local Boys and Girls Clubs and elementary schools in each city’s respective location.

“Every year this is one of our most exciting and engaging events and it’s one that we all look forward to,” said Mark Wetterau, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Golden State Foods and Chairman of the GSF Foundation. “Having so many of our GSF associates partner with our customers within our local communities helps reinforce all of the values we stand for – and helps provide these children with, what oftentimes is their very first bike. After today, we’ve donated 4,700 bikes across the country and it’s something our company is very proud of.”

The bike building program program teaches safety, goal setting and the value of hard work, and a bike helps a child develop his or her sense of self-reliance, adventure, strength and character. The success of the bike building program is due in large part to the partnerships formed over the years, including the help and support of local bike shops and law enforcement that act as a resource for future tune-ups and safety lessons.

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