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Bike Program Takes a Trip to Cabo

A volunteer helps this little boy ride a bike for the first time.

A volunteer helps this little boy ride a bike for the first time.

GSF associates were proud to play a supporting role at a very special bike building event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Sunday, June 29, hosted by Stars and Stripes, an organization benefiting charities in both Mexico and Orange County.  Associates Mark Wetterau, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bill Sanderson, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Neil Cracknell, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Chuck Browne, GSFF ExecutiveDirector, Alan Lullman, GSFF Project Development Coordinator, Larry McGill, Corporate Vice President and President and Chief Executive Officer, KanPak U.S., and Denny Cohlmia, Chairman of the Board, KanPak U.S., took a jaunt to Cabo to participate in the event—a  fishing and golfing tournament to benefit local charities—and also donated an extra day of their time to help build bikes for local children. Dick Gebhard, organizer of the Stars and Stripes tournament, along with Golden State Foods Foundation donated 72 bicycles, 25 of which were distributed at the event that took place at the Recreational Bikeway next to McDonald’s.

“This year we were honored to have the ‘Stars and Stripes’ and Dick Gebhard share this vision with our Foundation and purchase the bikes for the children in Cabo,” said Lullman. “In combination with the Cabo Tourism Board and their local mentors, these children will benefit not only from the freedom and physical activity involved, but also the responsibility needed in order to ultimately take these bikes home.”

This bike building event in Cabo is part of a special four-week program aiming to motivate children to be active and participate in their community. During the first week, children are allowed to build their own bike with the help of a mentor, and they take a tour on their bikes with the other participants of the program. But at the end of the ride, they return the bike with the promise they will attend every weekend for the next three consecutive weeks, at the end of which they will receive their bike to keep for good. This program continues until November, resulting in all 72 bikes being delivered to deserving children who have made a commitment to participating in their communities.

The program, sponsored in part by the Los Cabos Tourism Board, donates bikes to children from several local organizations like Casa Hogar, Youth for Change, and the Fire Department. Gary Sinise, actor from “CSI:NY” also made a guest appearance at the event. Sinise’s foundation supports veterans with programs that entertain, educate and give them an active role in their community. A participant from the program, veteran MSG John E. Masson, even attended the event along with Sinise. Volunteers included GSF associates, members of the Tricabo Kidz Foundation, and bicycle coaches who helped train the children along with Juan A. Carbajal, Commander of the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department, who made an appearance to encourage the children to be physically active.

Excited children from Cabo San Lucas riding their bikes for the first time!

Excited children from Cabo San Lucas riding their bikes for the first time!

GSF assocites pose with good friend, Ronald

GSF associates pose with good friend, Ronald

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