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Three GSF Foundation Committees Help Provide 300,000+ Meals

The Kansas Food Bank, one of the recipients of the funds raised through the program, said they recently received a heartwarming story from a teacher whose student was directly impacted by the donation. Here’s what they said:

A local classroom had a celebration this month including a “snack day” where students could bring a snack of their choice. One student chose to bring snack items from her food packet provided by the Kansas Food Bank, as this is the only resource she had. The teacher reports that the student was so relieved to actually have something to bring in for this particular “snack day” and continues to use the Food Bank’s resources on the weekends, providing them with a sense of security and stability.

One in six children in the United States is hungry, and those numbers are even higher many communities the food banks support. Thank you to all of the committees, volunteers, food banks and donors for supporting this meaningful cause.

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