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September is our Associate Campaign Month!


QCD Seattle’s Associate Campaign Kickoff!! Click on image to see more Associate Campaign event photos on the GSF Foundation’s Facebook page.

All month long, our GSF Foundation Committees nationwide are hosting their Associate Campaign kickoff meetings!  All of the Foundation’s programs are made possible through the financial contributions of our own GSF Associates. This year, our theme is “Join The Party!” and it’s meant to celebrate all of the Associates past and present who helped us get this far!

A shout out to the Associate Campaign meetings that have happened so far this month! The following are some meeting highlights from the past two weeks:

  1. CID (Chair: Griselda Hernandez) held their first meeting on Tuesday, September 6, and beneficiaries attended and shared about the impact the Foundation has made on their organizations.

  2. Garner (Chair: Scott VanLue) held their kickoff meetings on Wednesday, September 7. Various beneficiary speakers came to three different meetings where the Associates got involved in check presentations.

  3. QCD Seattle (Chair: Vera Hunter) had several meetings and focused on the party theme with festive decorations. Gift bags with a pledge form, pen, GSFF pin, beads, and candy were handed out.  Anna Lisa Lukes, Executive Director of the GSF Foundation and Steve Becker, Senior Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, came and spoke at the meetings.

  4. St. Louis (Chair: Brian Chapman) offered goody bags and even had a delicious, custom cake with the “Join the Party!” logo.

Every year, an individual chairs our Associate Campaign, and this year it’s headed by Steve Becker of our Irvine Corporate Office.  Thank you, Steve, for your leadership and commitment. Thank you to our Committee Chairs for leading the planning of parties and most importantly, thank you to all our Associates for their support of our Foundation.  It is through them that we are able to fulfill our mission of helping children and families in need in the areas where GSF Associates live and work.


Every party needs party favors! Click on photo to see more Associate Campaign highlights.

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