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QCD Indianapolis Associates Launch GSF Foundation Committee

In late August, Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) Indianapolis associates officially launched their GSF Foundation (GSFF) Committee to help improve the lives of local children and families in need. Additionally, volunteers initiated their community involvement this summer by participating in GSFF’s annual Back(pack) to School program and donating more than 300 backpacks to local students.

“It’s exciting how our team has come together and rallied around the Foundation’s inspiring purpose to help our neighbors in need here in Indy,” said Scott Dotzert, GSFF Committee Assistant Chair and QCD Indianapolis General Manager. “Our Committee is already planning events for 2024 and soliciting ideas and feedback from our associates for future opportunities.”

With associate donations funding future Foundation activities, the newly formed Committee looks forward to coordinating more GSFF programs like Best Foot Forward. The following associates have volunteered to lead the Indianapolis GSFF Committee:

  • Scott Dotzert, Assistant Chair

  • Angela Tyler, Program Chair

  • Karen Blankenship, Treasurer

  • Bubba Coleman, Secretary

  • Stacy Cook, Communications Chair

Welcome to the GSF Foundation family, QCD Indianapolis!

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