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QCD Boston and Minneapolis Teams Launch GSF Foundation Committees

In 2023, Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) associates from Boston and Minneapolis officially launched their GSF Foundation (GSFF) Committees. Volunteers coordinated their inaugural Associate Campaign meetings and initiated GSFF programs to help improve the lives of local children and families in need. 

With positive momentum from their first-ever Associate Campaign, the Minneapolis team has successfully achieved an impressive participation rate of 98 percent among associates who have donated funds to support the Committee’s local GSFF activities. Additionally, Minneapolis associates donated backpacks filled with school supplies to students in the community through the Foundation’s Back(pack) to School program. The team also looks forward to adding a GSFF Bike Build event in the future. 


“Following that first event, we had a lot of momentum, and we were able to build out total participation,” says Amy Hermeier, Human Resources Generalist and GSFF Minneapolis volunteer. “We have a couple of events in the works for next year, and we’re hoping to do a few off-site volunteer events and a couple [partnering] directly with schools.” 


Also off to a strong start this year, the QCD Boston team held their first Back(pack) to School program and Associate Campaign. With associate donations funding future Foundation activities, Boston volunteers look forward to partnering with local schools and shelters to bring GSFF programs like Best Foot Forward and Coats for Kids into their community to serve young children. 


Leading the newly formed GSFF Committees, the following associates have volunteered: 


QCD Boston: 

  • Kleona Mihal, Chair 

  • Don Mahnken, Assistant Chair 

  • Lance Switzer, Programs Chair 


QCD Minneapolis: 

  • Josh Smith, Chair 

  • Fallon Martin, Assistant Chair 

  • Joseph Weldon, Programs Chair 

  • Amy Hermeier, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Chair 


Welcome to the GSF Foundation family, QCD Boston and QCD Minneapolis! 

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