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GSF Foundation Donates Nearly 1,200 Pairs of Children’s Shoes Across the United States

This year, GSF Foundation (GSFF) Committees throughout the U.S. have organized shoe donations for children and families in need. Among the seven GSFF Committees participating this year, Quality Customs Distribution (QCD) Albuquerque, Chicago West, and Kansas City, along with KanPak Arkansas City, have already teamed up with local elementary schools to donate nearly 1,200 total pairs of children’s shoes so far through GSFF’s Best Foot Forward program. Three more local committees will complete their shoe donations by the end of 2021.

In March, QCD Chicago West continued to support GSF’s partnership with McDonald’s owner/operators Solano-DeCarrier Management, delivering a total of 560 pairs of donated shoes to children through local nonprofits and elementary schools. Additionally, KanPak Kansas volunteers donated and distributed 300 pairs of shoes to an elementary school in Arkansas City, helping local children put their best foot forward.

“Associate donations fund programs like Best Foot Forward to benefit families experiencing financial hardships, so children may receive new, brand-name shoes that fit well and make them feel confident,” said Tess McAnena, GSF Foundation Executive Director. “This core Foundation program not only provides children with quality shoes, but also helps enhance their quality of life by encouraging them to get outside and exercise.”

The Best Foot Forward program supports healthy life choices by donating shoes that help children participate in their schools’ physical education activities. With the right shoes, a child can feel confident and safe getting their recommended daily exercise. By jump-starting children on the path to fitness and health, the GSF Foundation provides at-risk children an opportunity that will enhance their quality of life.


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