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GSF-Portland Volunteers Package Over 1,500 Meals for Oregon Families in Need

Food Bank 4-2013

Portland associates and their family members stand next to a sign marking their contribution to the food bank.

GSF-Portland, Ore., Foundation committee volunteers and their family members contributed their time at the Oregon Food Bank on April 2. The food bank proved once again to be a fun experience for everyone. GSF-Portland volunteers Ashleigh Revelle-Lopez, Senior Customer Service Representative, Ralph Lopez, General Support, Jennifer Severance, Human Resources Supervisor, Jim Sparks, Customer Representative, and their relatives participated in a bulk food repack project along with volunteers from other charity groups.

“In two and a half hours, we packaged over 11,000 pounds of fresh carrots donated by local farmers,” says Jim.

The carrots were destined for inclusion in complete meals for Portland area families in need. Over 9,500 meals were packaged during the night and the members of the volunteer team each packaged a total of 167 meals, with the GSF group creating a total of just over 1,500 meals.

“Best of all, the entire group had a great time,” Jim adds. “Several of the GSF associates’ family members were overheard saying they couldn’t wait to come back. This is the sixth time in 18 months that we have volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank, and several more food-packing events are scheduled throughout 2013.”

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