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GSF Foundation Volunteers Donate Bicycles to Nearly 1,400 Kids in Need

“Our event shows our associates’ desire to help kids in the community,” said Anna Lisa Lukes, Director of CSR and Executive Director, GSF Foundation. “A lot of people and time goes into making that one day special for so many kids, and we are grateful to our associates all over GSF, who make this happen. Over the years, we’ve donated nearly 6,600 bikes, touching the lives of children in need, while also engaging GSF Foundation volunteers.”

The bike building event provided children in need the opportunity for growth while instilling valuable life skills such as safety, goal setting and the value of hard work needed to achieve those goals. A bike helps a child develop his or her sense of self-reliance, adventure, strength and character, all qualities the GSF Foundation supports.

Check out pictures from the events here.

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