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GSF Foundation Holds “Leading Together with Purpose” Retreat

Earlier this week in St. Louis, Missouri, the GSF Foundation (GSFF) hosted a leadership retreat for local GSFF Chairs and facility leaders. Themed “Leading Together with Purpose,” the retreat featured presentations from GSFF Board Members and leading volunteers from around the Foundation’s 29 local U.S. committees.

“This spring, we brought our Foundation leadership together for learning, inspiration, and networking, so that our local committee chairs and facility leaders may take valuable resources and relationships back to their locations across the U.S. to benefit all GSFF volunteers who are serving the communities where we live and work,” said GSFF Executive Director Tess McAnena. “The retreat experience will ultimately help the GSF Foundation’s growing number of local committees to positively impact the quality of life of children and families in need.”

During the full-day program, Tess McAnena’s presented about the state of the Foundation, highlighting its mission and purpose, current impact, and associate participation. In other sessions throughout the day, local Chairs shared their best practices during a panel discussion, while various GSFF Board Members provided insights and guidance on the Foundation’s history, financials, fundraising, local committee formation, qualities of a successful committee, knowing your role, programs, strengths and opportunities. Additionally, three vignette speakers addressed the topics of GSFF and Culture (Jay Lee, QCD Chicago West), Starting a New Committee (Chelcea Shores, GSF Burleson), and "My Why,” a personal GSFF experience story (Rob Belleque, QCD Los Angeles).

During the retreat, the GSF Foundation honored teams and individuals with the following Stellar Service Awards:

Associate Campaign Award

GSF City of Industry Manufacturing

CLC St. Louis

GSF Irvine

GSF Opelika

QCD Dallas

QCD Fontana

QCD Frisco

QCD Las Vegas

QCD Los Angeles

QCD Suffolk

Volunteer of the Year

Joni Smith, GSF Conyers

Volunteer Engagement

GSF City of Industry Manufacturing

QCD Frisco

QCD Charlotte

Leadership Excellence

QCD Chicago West

Outstanding Community Partnership

QCD Charlotte and The Relatives

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