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GSF Chicago Drivers Compete to Benefit Children Diagnosed with Brain Tumors

Every day, 13 children in the United States are diagnosed with a brain tumor. Last month, GSF Chicago veteran drivers Todd Allen and George Kouzoukas participated in the 6th Annual Safety Drive for a Cure, a truck safety and skills competition benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF). The PBTF is the largest nonprofit dedicated to funding research and providing critical support programs for families battling the one of the deadliest forms of childhood cancer, pediatric brain tumors. The PBTF provides emotional, social, educational and financial assistance to families in need dealing with this serious diagnosis.

“This was a fun and friendly competition between professional drivers, inspired by the stories of children affected by brain tumors,” said Mr. Allen. “While sitting in the driver’s seat looking out at these orange cones I thought nothing compares to the obstacles these kids face every day. It was a privilege to participate in this event.”

“I was astonished to learn how much support the families in need get from the foundation,” added Mr. Kouzoukas. “This event was special to me as this has touched my family and friends.”

Both Mr. Allen, an 18-year GSF associate, and Mr. Kouzoukas, a 39-year GSF associate, were in the top five individual fundraisers for the entire event, raising a combined $1,896. The local Chicago GSF Foundation committee also held a facility fundraiser which increased the total amount donated to the PBTF to over $3,000.

In addition to being top fundraisers, Mr. Kouzoukas placed 7th in the 5 axel competition and Mr. Allen placed 7th in the straight truck competition. Many thanks to these two associates who used their skills to help these children and families and to our local GSF Chicago Foundation committee for engaging our drivers in giving back to children in need!

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