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GSF Celebrates International Women’s Day with Insights from GSF Foundation Leaders

Today marks International Women’s Day, a global holiday that recognizes the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. GSF proudly celebrates all female associates across the organization by spotlighting some of the women leaders from around the GSF Foundation (GSFF).

When asked what makes women such strong leaders in the community and nonprofit areas, their responses ranged from care and compassion to organization and determination.

“Women are passionate and determined. Both qualities make women successful in serving their communities because we will let nothing stand in our way of providing for children.” – Chelcea Shores, Staff Accountant, GSFF Burleson, Texas Foundation Chair

“We are acting upon our strong desire to help others and give back.” – Amy McAngus, Administrative Manager, GSFF Waipahu, Hawaii Foundation Chair

“Women are natural leaders when it comes to giving of themselves to help others in need. Their inherent qualities of kindness and compassion are often magnified, as they strive to support the underserved, not to mention their proven abilities to organize at an exceptional level, including rallying others towards important causes. From driving support for critical health issues and disabilities to fighting against abuse and violence and even moving our own GSF Foundation forward, women lead many of today’s most impactful philanthropic causes around the world.” – Shellie Frey, GSFF Board Member and GSF Vice President and Chief Branding and Communications Officer

Some women shared their favorite part about working with GSFF, including creative engagement opportunities and seeing the reactions of the children and families the Foundation supports.

“I love seeing the stories on social media, as it is great to see all the amazing things the other chapters are doing throughout QCD and GSF. It is inspiring to see the passion, and I think it energizes all of us. It is so rewarding, but we must get our teams to engage for them to understand. Once they participate in one Foundation event, we hook them for life.” – Brande Bond, Group Vice President, Customer Service, and Development, GSFF Frisco, Texas Foundation Chair

"Seeing a child’s beaming face makes it all worthwhile.” – Amy McAngus, Administrative Manager, GSFF Waipahu, Hawaii Foundation Chair

“The look on children’s faces is beyond words. The lump in your throat will grow by 10, and you will just want to do more and more for these kids!” – Carol Fawcett, GSF Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, and GSFF Irvine, California Foundation Chair

Other leaders mention what makes them proud about their involvement in the Foundation.

“I am very proud of the committee we have and the associates. Without them, we would not be able to provide food, grants, backpacks filled with supplies, coats, Christmas gifts, shoes, and bikes.” – Connie Shire, KanPak Arkansas City, Kansas Project Manager, GSFF KanPak Kansas Foundation Chair

“I am most proud of the work we have done in Frisco, especially through COVID. We were new to the community and worked hard to develop connections not only with our associates, but also finding new and creative ways to be involved within the community. I am so proud of the continued increased involvement from our entire facility. Just an incredible team effort. I am very fortunate to be part of an amazing committee!” – Brande Bond, Group Vice President Customer Service, and Development, Frisco GSFF Foundation Chair

Thank you to our GSFF Foundation leaders and all female associates and volunteers throughout the GSF family of companies for your hard work and dedication.

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