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CID Walks For RMHC Kids

City of Industry associates have been participating in “RMHC’s Walk for Kids” (WFK) for more than five years, back to when it was still called “Relay for Kids.“ Throughout the years some GSF associates have had personal ties to the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House and the whole staff has showed support in various ways, including participating in the WFK.

This year GSF, along with other groups like Bass Pro Shops, supported the Loma Linda House’s goal of raising $240,000; volunteers nearly hit the mark, raising more than $236,000.

GSF associates’ regular support of and visits to the Loma Linda House makes the walk even more personal. Associates often stop at the House to meet the families, prepare lunch or dinner and connect with those who are staying there at the time. Associates really connect with the families, like the Cabanas, who were staying at the Loma Linda RMHC when their son, Rhyder, passed away at the nearby University Children’s Hospital.

Because of that connection, 14 participants, including four associates and their friends and family, walked on April 6 at Citizens Bank Arena Ontario to support Loma Linda House RMHC. Altogether, CID associates raised $1,550 from those who walked and donations from other associates, family and friends.

“We do our best to frequent the Loma Linda House, so we have seen firsthand how many families in need stay there at a given time,” said Griselda Hernandez, Customer Service Representative at CID. “The House is always packed and they are even hoping to expand it.” CID associates are excited to continue supporting Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House as they consider an expansion to this safe haven that supports families whose children are being treated at the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

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