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2018 Associate Campaign Month Begins!

The GSF Foundation 2018 Associate Campaign month kicked off on September 1st! This year’s theme is “Heart 2 Heart!” and the Associate Campaign Chair is Bill Pocilujko, a 20-year veteran of GSF, who helps procure GSF’s fleet and other equipment through Centralized Leasing Corporation. To kick off the Campaign month, please enjoy the video below and see the heartfelt impact GSF associates have made in the lives of children and families in need.

Together we have made quite a difference in our communities. Last year alone GSF associates:

  1. Provided over 10,000 volunteer hours through generous service to more than 100 charitable partners.

  2. Helped 12,000 elementary school students start the year off right with new backpacks filled with school supplies.

  3. Provided 1,100 kids in need with bikes, and helped the kids build them with a mentor.

  4. Helped grant 100,000 meals for hungry kids and give nutrition assistance twice a month to 85 families who are food insecure with the money raised through the new national food program Feeding Hunger: A “No Lunch” Lunch. The inaugural event raised $61,000 that benefitted two Garner-area organizations that serve kids in need.

  5. Rallied over 75% involvement from our associates.

Throughout the month of September, all GSF, QCD and KanPak facilities will be holding Associate Campaign kickoff events to recognize the heart associates have put into make a difference in their communities and to encourage others to get involved. The need is still out there, and with our volunteers the GSF Foundation is determined to provide more food, support and heart to children and families.  Let’s continue to help those who need it most!

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