Feeding Hunger: A "No Lunch" Lunch


GSF Foundation launched Feeding Hunger: A “No Lunch” Lunch in November 2016.  This annual one-hour soup kitchen-style lunch raises awareness and funds for the cause of childhood hunger. Attendees receive a bowl of soup and a piece of bread, while learning more about the issue and opportunities for combating childhood hunger in their local community. 


National Partnerships

Feeding Hunger: A “No Lunch” Lunch proudly partners with the Feeding America network to support local food banks throughout the United States. 



Your support or contribution to the Feeding Hunger: A “No Lunch” Lunch Program can help purchase and deliver food to hungry and malnourished children and families in need.

We Need Your Support Today!

Your contribution can help the GSF Foundation provide food, shoes and other necessities of life for at-risk children and families who would otherwise go without.