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GSF KanPak China Donates Water to Rural School

In the spirit of the GSF Foundation’s mission of improving lives of children and families in need, GSF KanPak China, a GSF-owned company in China, donated a set of water purifiers to the Fuxing Primary School, which has more than 165 students who typically bring heavy water bottles in their school bags more than 20 miles each day. Fuxing is located in rural China where 85 percent of the students are taken care of by their grandparents due to their families seeking work in other areas. The donation of the water purifiers and dispenser tackles the drinking water issue and was given as a gift to the students at the beginning of their new semester.

Previously, the school struggled with a heavy filter replacement burden and the cost of more than 3,000 Yuan (nearly $450 U.S.) per quarter, meaning their old-style water fountain was forced to be shut down due to the cost.

In this area, most migrants leave their rural homes to seek work in urban areas and in industries that require lower levels of education such as manufacturing, construction, mining, and the service industry. These migrants often leave their children behind due to the economic and social restraints involved in migrating with children. Therefore, GSF KanPak China also motivated parents to apply for local jobs by advertising in town and launching job fairs for frontline workers, in order to provide more job opportunities for these migrant workers, and to help reunite these parents with their children.

“We are striving to reach out to the younger generation and raise social awareness on developmental and emotional issues that left behind children may face,” said by Wenhou Zhou, chief chairman of Xiantao Baicheng Association. “GSF KanPak China not only helped alleviate the load of our pupils’ daily school bags, but also stand out as pioneers who are committed to helping the people in need. We are glad to see the children are truly happy from the bottom of their hearts.”

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