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GSF Foundation Volunteers Put Empathy Into Action

From April 17-23, National Volunteer Week honors the individuals who dedicate themselves to taking action and solving problems in their communities. Across the GSF Foundation’s (GSFF) 28 local committees, volunteers tirelessly give their time, talents, and treasures to improve the quality of life of children and families in the communities where GSF associates live and work.

“This year’s National Volunteer Week theme, ‘Volunteering Is Empathy In Action,’ describes the genuine care and earnest efforts that we see GSF associates put into practice when they get involved in GSF Foundation activities,” said Tess McAnena, GSF Foundation Executive Director. “The heart of the GSF Foundation is the inspiring local connections and generous support that our volunteers make possible with their actions and concern for helping their own neighbors in need.”

Funded and run by associates, GSFF makes a difference in communities throughout the U.S. through its core programs, grant donations, and volunteer activities that local committees plan and carry out in partnership with nonprofits that associates select. Since the Foundation’s inception in 2002, volunteers have donated nearly 300,000 hours of service!

As GSFF celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year, the Foundation has challenged associates to volunteer 20 hours or more in 2022 and earn a branded special edition hoodie as a gesture of appreciation. In celebration of National Volunteer Week, GSF Foundation honors all associates who have volunteered and made a positive impact in their communities over the past two decades. A few volunteers have recently shared their reflections about what GSFF volunteerism has meant to them:

“We all share this world. To be encouraged to participate in helping others with a company that is encouraging and promoting this behavior by setting the example is amazing. It gives us as associates an opportunity to give back as a team, making a much larger impact.” – Max Decker (QCD Chicago, Illinois)

“Not only do I love knowing that 100% of the money that I donate goes to the Foundation to be distributed the way we want to give, but I also get to be a part of each event. I get to pack the backpacks with school supplies, hand them out to the children, and see their faces when they realize they don't have to worry about anything.” – Connie Shire (KanPak Arkansas City, Kansas)

“Everyone needs a helping hand. To see those children look at the shoes, backpacks, and food brings joy to our hearts.” – Edgar Muruato (QCD Los Angeles, California)

“My involvement with the GSF Foundation has opened my eyes to the needs in our community and how even my small contribution can make a large impact.” – Amanda Aby (GSF Opelika, Alabama)

“We (the girls in the office) form an assembly line and work swiftly to stuff up to 500 bookbags with necessary school supplies. We enjoy wonderful conversation while doing so and even get in a few laughs.” – Shilesta Ryals (QCD Orlando, Florida)

“I was able to contribute my time on and off the job with bike building and helping stuffing and passing out back packs. I also participate by having donation taken out my (pay)check for the GSF Foundation.” – Johnny Glover (GSF City of Industry, California)
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